About Julie and Julia

I just thought the movie Julie and Julia was fabulous.  I loved it.  All the women in the movie, no matter how big or how minor their role, seemed real.  (Except for the two caricatures of high powered New Yorker business women).   It was such a relief to go to a movie and see real women.  For the first time in a long while big fake boobs, Botox and body reshaping did not get in the way of the believability of the characters.  And, not only were none of the actresses too fake to take seriously, none of the characters were classic bitches. That was so nice.  The women were actually nice to each other!  I loved that.

Another thing - Stanley Tucci is fabulous.  What a wonderful actor.  I think he must be a nice guy in real life - no way to fake it so well!  I just wanted him to be my husband.  Oh wait, i didn’t mean that ... I just meant ... I would love if my husband was like Stanley Tucci’s character, Paul - ahh - well actually, he kind of is ... sort of ... maybe that’s why I liked him so much in the movie!  

I wasn’t expecting to find that I actually have a fair bit in common with Julia Child.  Well, similar circumstances anyway.  I too was an expatriate wife of a husband that had been posted abroad.  I wish I had seen this move way back then.  I wouldn’t have felt so alone. When I was first married it was in London.  I was on my own - he would go to work and I was on my own, needing to do something.  Basically, that is where I became an artist.   I remember I thought I would apply for a master’s degree in medical illustrating.  I thought I was perfect with my love of drawing and my science degree.  I worked for a month on a portfolio, all day, every day.  When I went to the interview: six formidable English intellectual types on one side of a big table and me on the other, with my portfolio in the middle, I stood there trying not to break out in a rash I was so nervous.  One looked at my application,  “Oh, I see you are married to an American banker?”  Then before I knew what hit me, “I’m sorry we can’t invest in an expatriate that might  leave as soon as the program is over.”  “Thank you. Good-bye.”  They never even looked at my portfolio.  So much for medical illustrating.  I will do portraits instead I decided.

And as for the absence of bitches in Julia’s life, maybe it was because she was so tall, or whatever and other women did not feel like they needed to be bitchy.  Maybe the reason I loved that about the movie so much is because it was so, so not my experience.

To read about some of the bitches I have encountered read my entry: Bitches and Me!

originally published: August 22, 2009

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