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Thoughts About A Few Random Paintings of Mine


Halcyon Hullaballoo 2013 oil, graphite on canvas 48x48 inches   *Selected for Abstract America Collection, Saatchiart Online *ArtSlant 2013 1st Showcase Winner, Abstract *Solo Exhibition Squire Sanders, Rockefeller Plaza



Little Traveller 2013 Graphite and Pastel on paper 6.25 x 4.5 inches

At dinner the other night, some fellow artists were talking about Googling themselves.  I usually don’t bother because I know my website comes up as well as various other websites where I have a presence.  …

Beware: Outrageous Art Scam Website!

Trixie Pitts_Chalonnaise Chateau in Winter_2013_Oil,Graphite_36x36inches

Chalonnaise Chateau 2014  

Recently I did a Google search on myself and was pleased to see such a presence – until I came across a bogus website called “” that claims to be selling some of my original paintings as though I am one of their artists.  …

On Selling My Paintings!


Scenic Route 2014 oil on canvas 60 x 48 inches  

I have several avenues through which I get customers who buy my paintings: word of mouth, my personal website (, my blog, art consultants who pitch my work to corporate customers, the Art Students League, as well as through other websites like ArtSlant.  …

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