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Seeing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Again

 I swear - this movie just gets better with time!  Michael Caine - (fabulous in everything), really outdid himself in this one.  He’s oh so suave as the cultured but likable sophisticate Lawrence.  …

More About Bitches

Three Women 2005 oil on linen 36” x 24” (detail - Mother) 

When I first thought about writing of my experiences with bitchy women, I realized I needed to tell about my background in the area first - mainly involving my mother and my sister (Why I Painted Three Women).   …


Laundry, Tisvildeleje 1993 marker and watercolor on paper 6 x 8 inches 

I love laundry.  At least I love it in an abstract way.  If things are a bit overwhelming, I always have laundry to take my mind off things, to help me feel like I am doing something.  …

Bitches and Me!

Confused 2002  gouache 16 x 12 inches

          Confused (October 25, 2002)

          That was really scary

          Caught me by surprise.

          Now I’m having difficulty


Why I Painted Three Women

3 Women

Three Women  2005  oil on canvas  36” x 24”

Yesterday when I was talking about the new movie Julie and Julia, somehow I got sidetracked and mentioned about how I have come across more than my fair share of bitchy women in my day.  …

Having Some Fun!

Melon Head  2009  ink on melon!        

One night I was in the kitchen feeling really annoyed with my husband.  There was this melon he had bought sitting on the counter, so I drew him as a pirate on it.  …

About Julie and Julia

I just thought the movie Julie and Julia was fabulous.  I loved it.  All the women in the movie, no matter how big or how minor their role, seemed real.  (Except for the two caricatures of high powered New Yorker business women).   …

About Painting Swinging Girl in 2006

Swinging Girl***_2 - Version 2

Swinging Girl  2006  oil on canvas  30 x 40 inches

This was the first painting I did after returning to New York in 2006 and joining The Art Students’ League of New York.  

The first day I joined the abstract painting studio at the ASL in 2006, I brought a 30” x 40” canvas with a loose charcoal sketch I had done at home to use as a basis for painting.  …

I Do More Than Just Paint...


Red Hot 2009 Oil, Graphite on Canvas    36 x 36 inches         

I do more than paint.  I am brave.  I try.  Yeah, I know everyone tries; everyone has issues; but I am different - I am - trust me.  …

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