Beware: Outrageous Art Scam Website! 

Chalonnaise Chateau 2014  

Recently I did a Google search on myself and was pleased to see such a presence – until I came across a bogus website called “” that claims to be selling some of my original paintings as though I am one of their artists.  For example, they are claiming to sell Chalonnaise Chateau for $2,250.

The site is obviously fraudulent.  They give names of the owners of the site, no contact emails, no phone numbers and no addresses.  I looked into the .to URL and found that it comes from the island kingdom of Tonga!!  Apparently Tonga is one of the only nations that do not require domains to be traceable to the owners, so it is very popular with scammers and hackers.  The government of Tonga sells the .to domains to anyone. 

I am just shocked that they are selling my paintings as though they represent me.

I am in the process of contacting the other artists to alert them!  All but a few of these artists are on, which is a very legitimate site.  I assume they somehow lifted the work from Saatchiart as almost all the artists have a presence there.

© Trixie Pitts 2009