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Reflections 2016 oil on raw canvas 48 x 60 inches

Reflections is my newest painting as I continue to explore the integration of colors and background.  I’m not interested in just painting on top of a flat background.  Just like with my whites, when I paint with magenta, blue or whatever as the main color, I want the background and the foreground to be still be totally integrated, to have depth and subtlety and unity.  To me just putting color on top of another is boring.

Below is one still in progress, painted on raw canvas, which is a challenge, but I love the soft effect and the depth it allows.


                            Upstream (tentatively) 2016 oil on raw canvas 36 x 36 inches

Okay - here it is finished!  I am so relieved!  (I must say I had a brief consultation with a trusted advisor, Liv Mettte Larsen and feel like I really expanded the range of blues and cut down on the overall turquoise - while at the same time intensifying some of the turquoise).  I love it now!

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                            Upstream  2016 oil on raw canvas 36 x 36 inch

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