2016 Power Start!

IMG 9792

Grand Canyon 2016 oil canvas 48 x 36 inches

After an intense painting experience from August until December preparing for my current solo exhibition at the 135W50 Building Lobby, 135 West 50th Street, Midtown Manhattan - on now until June, I took a break to travel and visit with family.  It is always fun to come back to the studio after a long break to see what happens!  So far, there seems to be a bit more color!  

A Little Rain in room

Grand Canyon 2016 - in a room

Train to Arles 2016 oil canvas 36 x 36 inches

Train to Arles in a room

Train to Arles 2016 - in a room

Thanks to Carol A McIntyre for the use of her template interior photo for display of paintings!  

One I am still working on, I have to see when it dries a bit if it is done - I think it still needs something.  Maybe it is just because it has subtler colors, not sure!  In progress:

IMG 9900

Well, with my style it doesn’t work to just tweek something so I had to go for it because I decided the above  just wasn’t where I wanted to leave it.  Here’s next step:

Reminds me of a bumble bee.  Maybe too much yellow and orange too.  Here’s final version:

In Oz  2016 oil on raw canvas 48 x 48 inches

© Trixie Pitts 2009