High Seas (Boating)

High Seas ps2 sm

High Seas 2017 oil on canvas 48 x 60 inches

This is a painting I just finished today (unless of course I decide to do more on it tomorrow!)  Sometimes painting is like meditation, where the thoughts come and the key is to just acknowlege them and let them go.  I paint one thing and try to accept it is now a part of the painting and just move on and add something else, always trying not to plan or think ahead.  I try to have a high tolerance for the unexpected. 

High Seas ps2 copy

High Seas 2017 oil on canvas (detail)

high-seas-in-a-white-room med


For me personally, I find my paintings more successful when they show struggle and yet they also have a feeling of joy, maybe even the joy of overcoming struggle. I did a painting five years ago that I don’t really like particularly.  Well, I have done a lot of painting that I end up not liking, but this one is different.  My problem with this particular one is that I think it is just too damn bleek and that is not who I am.  

img 1298 med

When We Were Small  2012 oil on canvas 48 x 48 inches

Here’s a bit of the poem I wrote when I painted it: 

… Somehow, I still stand    With flower in hand    And heart,    Tethered always somehow     To the vague memory of our start in life together ...

Sometimes I forget how much painting is a part of me and how fortunate I am to have created this identity for myself.  I feel real when I paint, and I try to not paint to please anyone.  So, I  guess I’m glad I didn’t paint over it.  That would be like censoring myself.  Or sending myself the message that you better paint something pretty or else.

© Trixie Pitts 2009