My Old Style

Venus 1996 oil on linen 40 x 40 inches

Wow!  I just came across this photo of an old painting I did way back when.  It is of the Botticelli Venus On A Half Shell. Well, I know that is actually from Kurt Vonnegut, but that is what I always call the famous painting, Birth Of Venus.  I am struck right now with HOW MUCH it reminds me of my sister.  At the time that I painted it, I had had a permanent falling out with her - and this seems spookily like her to me!  I think I did a pretty fine job using the Botticelli, but I never liked this painting until now, maybe because it subconsciously reminded me of the painful break with my sister.

Here is an image of the entire painting: 



I used to do portraits as I described briefly in Memorable Paintings In Paris.  I sort of miss painting where it is more like using a skill and not always so emotionally challenging, but it can also be a bit boring I think.

Here are two portraits I did of two brothers, both were oil on linen.  Dan was a rather shy MIT student, whereas Jon was an outgoing lifeguard. 

Dan 1996  oil on canvas  24 x 36 inches

This was the first painting I did after returning to New York in 2006 and joining The Art Students’ League of New York.  

Jon  2000  oil on canvas  36 x 24 inches

Here’s one from my old pet portrait days:  

Cosmo 1997  oil on canvas  20 x 20 inches

originally published:  April 22, 2010

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