New Extra-Large Diptych

Sunset safari on white brick

Safari Sunset 2019 oil on two linen canvases 60 x 96 inches 

This one was bothering me ever since I thought I had finished it a couple months ago. So I decided to re-stretch it and just go for it! I think it took me so long because I had already taken them off the stretchers and hung them in my storage rack and I knew it would be a drag to mount them again! “Sunset Safari” 2019 oil on 2 linen canvases 60”x96”.  I think it looks so much better!

IMG 1336

Safari Sunset in its first iteration Safari 

I still find myself inspired by a safari we took a few years ago.  And in particular, the memory of the dynamic of a herd of about 500 Cape buffalo confronting a pride of hungry lions who were chowing down on one unlucky buffalo. We just happened to be a little too close for comfort and the experience is forged in my brain. I tried to paint it without the blood and gore being literal. Available on @wesingulart or by contacting me directly.

I think both halves also work on their own.

Safari Sunset 1 sm

Safari Sunset 1 zoom1

Sunset Safari 2 sm

© Trixie Pitts 2009