Three Recent Paintings

Three Gorges  oil on canvas  30 x 60 inches

I finished this painting yesterday.  Working on it was intense.  I felt like I really went out on a limb.  What a mess! There were splashes everywhere.  I have been doing a bunch of paintings lately where I use a lot of white.  But with this one, I think it is different.  Walking to the studio, I decided I would start with blue.  That was really the only decision I made, except to stop at the end.  

I remembe advisor Larry said once something about how you should feel like you don’t know what you are doing, it means you are doing something new.  That makes a lot of sense to me and I really try to follow that when I paint.  You should not be able to do it again because you don’t remember how you got there, he says.  That happens to  me somewhat.  I wish I had a video of myself painting this, so I could see all the stages!  Hahaha - is that vain?  No - I only mean so I could see what I did.  

Knowing when to stop seems to be a big issue.  It’s something that I have been making a focus lately and I think my painting has improved greatly as a consequence.  I do notice it is an issue with a lot of people.  i think quite a few painters don’t know when to stop and go too far. Some of us at Studiio 14 had some fun today joking around about how it’s too bad we don’t have a lifeguard stand in the middle of the room with someone sitting there with a megaphone (Larry Poons?) yelling a constant stream: Paint, paint, paint, stop, that’s finished, start another one, more pink, etc.

IMG_2310 - Version 2

Some people don’t approve of how our advisor Larry doesn’t come very often.  He has only been to the studio about six times in the past six months!  I like it.  Suits me fine.  I like that he makes a big impact when he comes, then leaves you alone to get on with it.  I can’t imagine anything worse than having someone standing over your shoulder all the time.

Here’s one I finished last week:


Fishing Trip oil on canvas  48 x 48 inches


Krakatoa oil on canvas  20 x 34 inches

originally published: November 12, 2013

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