Open Heart

Pitts_Trixie_05_Open Heart  2013_36x36_Oil

Open Heart 2013  oil on canvas  36 x 36 inches

This is currently the painting that is closest to my heart.  I painted it all in one go.  Well actually, I stretched the canvas and painted a couple layers of white on Monday and I painted it on Tuesday.  In between that time, I found out that someone in my family had just died, not unexpectedly, since they were 90. But, because I was estranged from my family for 30 years, no one even let me know.  I just happened to find out by google searching their name on a whim.  The next day, I didn’t want to sit around feeling sorry for myself so I went to the studio and this was what I painted.  To me it is so raw and feeling.  It seems to me both bold and soft at the same time, both smiling and crying.    No one could plan to paint something like this.  There is no plan.  There is no rule following.  There is no demand for perfection.  There is no pretense of perfection.  Most of all, this painting seems to me so forgiving.  This painting is all love and loss and forgiveness.  It may be oil paint on canvas but the medium is pain and love. Being able to paint something like this, whether anyone else in the world likes it, or ever even sees it is why I paint.  To me it means everything.

Open Heart (detail)

originally published: September 26, 2013

© Trixie Pitts 2009