My Poems and Early Paintings: 

book2-7-labarynth med hr

Labarynth 1993 gouache on paper 12 x 16 inches 

My paintings are on my website: Here is a link to my other website, This site is dedicated to mostly my earlier paintings and poems, although I may add some current ones occassionally.

About above painting (Labarynth) 

The brain is amazing how it can store memories in compartments until we’re able to face them. 

Sketch notes: It’s like I started with a big mess, black and red and I somehow worked and worked, smoothing, covering, simplifying, until I I resolved things so I only have now what seems necessary for the final picture to give me peace.  It’s a metaphor of my subconscious:  the black is like my mind my existential editor – allowing only how much I can bear.  And now, having relived so much, I have to somehow balance it into an acceptable whole.

book17-4-copy med hr

Hug 1996 gouache on paper 16 x 12 inches

Hug  May 6, 1996

I found my way

Out of hell.


I can’t find the words to tell –

Can’t you see

I need a hug?

1996 gouache on paper 20 x 16 inches

book18-2-copy med hr

1996 gouache on paper 20 x 16 inches

To Mother  Nov. 12, 1996

On the occasion of your birthday Mother

I tried to paint your picture.

I thought, black maybe.  

Maybe with candles on your head

But wait

That’s not what it turned out to be

It turned out to be a picture of me

A picture of me, thinking of you,

Missing you Mother, on your birthday.



© Trixie Pitts 2009