Raw G

Raw G 2010 oil on canvas  36 x 36 inches         

I used to paint portraits long ago - but  they were always just portraits if you know what I mean.  This one I did yesterday in one extended session.  It was fun to do and I feel the painting is a painting and not just a portrait.

I started with a canvas I had painted in 2008  of a torso - but I never had a chance to finish it because I went out of town and then I lost interest in it.  I used this unsuccessful painting as a base  for yesterday’s effort.  I really like doing this - I think it adds a whole dimension underneath that I can utilize.

Using the original painting, I put a thin glaze of white and greenish yellow white over the whole thing and painted right into this wet layer.

This was the original base:

It was the start of another torso painting that I never finished. When you look up close at the Raw G, you don’t even really necessarily see that it is a face.  It mainly seems like an interesting abstract, then when the face comes into the awareness, it is cool.  Here is a closer up image: 

Here’s another painting I did of the same person about a year ago.  It’s fun to do the same person over and over because they often turn out so differently:

G 2009 oil on canvas  36 x 24 inches

originally published:  April 18, 2010

© Trixie Pitts 2009