Getting Ready for a Big Show!

Peppermint Patty on the Farm 2015 oil, oil stick on canvas 48 x 54 inches

December 2015 - June 2016

135W50 Lobby - 135 W. 50th St., NYC 

Trixie Pitts New Work 

Hallelujah!  I finished my last painting for my big Midtown Manhattan exhibition!   Now I can move on to all the other tasks!  One that I hate is making an artist’s statement.  Most all artists’ statements that I have ever read I hate.  Why do people have to try so hard?  Why do they have to be so arrogant, so pompous or so just plain nauseating?  I think I will probably stick with my short one, but might add something about mess and beauty.  If someone thinks my painting(s) are messy, I would say that life tends to be messy and I strive to express that in a way that is pleasant to look at.  It’s all about acceptance for me - very Buddhist: acknowledge and let go.  I also always try to remember Larry Poons’s advice, “Trixie, just like the Ernest Tubbs’ song says, try to say good-bye the way you say hello!"

The exhibition is in the lobby of The Sports Illustrated Building, 135 West 50th Street and it goes all the way through to 51st Street.  It has been a reall experience painting something so large.  Basically they were too large to paint in the shared studio space, so I had to rearrange our apartment to accommodate two 60 x 48 inch panels (four sets in all - but one set at a time, obviously!)  We have always lived it cities: London, Hong Kong and NYC, so I have gotten pretty industrious about painting with limited space.  But, I’ve taken it to an all new level!

I highly recommend it for anyone who is reluctant to paint at home.  I love the way that I can look at a painting whenever I want to, as opposed to just seeing it once a day when I go to the studio. I don’t mean to say there aren’t huge inconveniences like paint smell and mess.  But, after the first pair, I got it down pretty well, but first, we put our dining room table and sideboard in storage! We live in Midtown Manhattan, don’t forget - space is tight.  I used a roll of unprimed canvas, cut into large pieces as my drop cloths, and taped lightweight plastic ones for the wall behind my easels.  My favorite “Trixie-rig” is to cover my ironing board with aluminum foil and use it for my palettes, and our shoe rack for my tray of oil paints.  We have this great antique dry sink that I commandeered to quickly be able to hide away my supplies.  I would say I have gotten the set up and take down down to about 1/2 hour each!  Not too bad!  


I have so many names for this painting but I decided to go with my first idea, Peppermint Patty on the Farm.  I had picked Peppermint Patty’s Heyday.  But I was thinking "Hay Day" - as on a farm, but then I thought if I spelled it that way people would just think I didn’t know how to spell “Heyday”!  If I turn it the other way, it looks sort of like a guardian angel or spaceships.  I also sometimes see Mr. Peabody, a knight in armour, and various other things. Here’s what I would call it if I hung it the other ways:

For Card

                                    Artist Dude

For Card

                                     Bee Sting

For Card

                                     The West Side

© Trixie Pitts 2009