Visiting Christies NYC Spring Auction Preview - Contemporary/Modern May 2015

One of the best things about living in Midtown, is walking over to Christies for the auction previews.  The Contemporary and Modern Auction Previews are my favorites.  This year was the best in quite a few years, I thought.

It’s fun to see works by old favorites that have not been visible in any museum and may never again be seen, unless the new owners decide to sell - or they donate them to a museum.  Just in the 8 or 9 years we have been attending the previews, we have begun to see trends.  Artists that are always represented; those that are occassionally visible and those that are displayed more and more. 

Here is a sample:

I will start with the obvious - the most expensive painting ever to date!  Didn’t seem like one of his best to me but what do I know.  Someone thought so since they paid about $179 million!

IMG 7047

Pablo Picasso Les femmesd’Alger (Version ‘O’) 1955 oil  114 x 146 cm

IMG 7044

Egon Schiele Weiblicher Torso in Unterwäche und schwarzen Strümpfen 1917 gouache, watercolor and black Conté on paper 46 x 30 cm

IMG 7049

Jean Dubuffet Paris Polka 1961 oil on canvas 190 x 220 cm)

IMG 7060

Piet Mondrian Composition No. III, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Black 1929 oil on canvas in artist’s painted frame 50 x 50 cm

IMG 7055

Buste de Femme (Femme à la résille) 1938 oil on canvas 65 x 54 cm

IMG 7062

Amedeo Modigliani 

Jean Alexandre (recto) 1909 oil on canvas 81 x 60 cm - above

Nu Assis (verso) - below 

IMG 7063

IMG 7058

Peter Doig Swamped 1990 oil on canvas 197 x 241 cm

IMG 7078

Andre Brasilier La Dame Blanche 2009 oil on canvas 130 x 81 cm

IMG 7084

Joan Mitchell  Bergerie1961-62 oil on canvas 300 x 200 cm

IMG 7093

Jean-Michel Basquiat  The Field Next to the Other Road 1981 acrylic, enamel spray paint, oilstick, metallic paint, ink on canvas 221 x 441 cm)

IMG 7096

IMG 7110

Joan Mitchell details unknown

Franz Kline  Provincetown II 1959 oil on canvas 236 x 201 cm

IMG 7111

Cy Twombly Untitled 1969 oil and wax crayon on paper 72 x 101.6 cm

IMG 7101

Cy Twombly Untitled Dated ‘Bolsena July’10 1969 oil-based house paint, wax crayon, lead pencil on canvas 72 x 101.6 cm

IMG 7116

Hans Hoffman Evening Magic 1965 oil on canvas 122 x 91 cm

IMG 7118

Joan Mitchell  Magnolia diptych1978 oil on canvas 195 x 260 cm

Yoshitomo Nara Sorry, Couldn’t Draw Right Eye1961-62 acrylic, paper collage and tape on paper 136 x 125 cm

© Trixie Pitts 2009