What an Amazing Snub!


Upstairs Gallery, Pen and Brush, Inc., August 2011     

I saw someone today that I hadn’t seen since last summer and she gave me the most ridiculous snub!  It was amazing.

Early last August I had a solo show at The Pen and Brush in Greenwich Village.  The building is spectacular.  Okay - so my show was in the upstairs gallery, but it was still pretty special.  Anyway, I was at the ASL a couple of days before the show and I saw a woman that I used to think of as one of the “evil sisters,” because when I first started painting at The League in 2006, the studio where I paint had a whole different vibe than it does now.  There was a group of women that were not exactly welcoming and I really struggled.  Things have really changed a lot.  The room now is more like a haven.  There is always someone there that I feel glad to see, someone who seems glad to see me and people that actually like to chat if I want to.  I feel respected and valued when I’m there.  

Anyway I always try to let bygones be bygones and when I happened to bump into this particular woman in the hall a few days before my show, I asked her if she doesn’t live very close to 10th Street and Fifth Avenue because I am having a solo show there.  I remembered very clearly hearing once that she lives in Greenwich Village, and I knew it was right around the Pen and Brush location on 10th Street.   I was so pleased with the location of the show, and excited and nervous and everything that I spoke to her, thinking she could stop by to see it. When I asked her if she doesn’t live near 10th Street and Fifth Avenue? She just said, “No”.  

“Really?  I pressed, “You don’t live near there, because I am having an exhibit at The Pen and Brush at 10th Street and Fifth Ave. and I thought you lived near there.”  


By then I was pretty shocked because I knew she lived right near there.  “Oh, okay,” I continued, “But I could have sworn you mentioned you live in Greenwich Village, right near there?” 

“No.  I live at 14th Street and Fifth Avenue.”

I just walked away.  She didn’t come to the show.  And, luckily I haven’t really run in to her much since. 

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originally published:  April 17, 2012

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